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We are a specialist real estate investment firm

OzProp’s focus lies predominantly on the East Coast
in the states of Queensland and New South Wales

OzProp’s focus lies predominantly on the East Coast in the states of Queensland and New South Wales

Investment in Australia

We have a very specific investment process. It allows us to acquire properties that meet our criteria, as well as those of our investors.

Our criteria for choosing properties is very clear, allowing us to acquire commercial and industrial property that has provided consistent income streams, as well as excellent capital gains.

OzProp conducts careful, ongoing research of the Australian property market to find opportunities within these well-defined criteria.

Always on the lookout for under-valued property assets, our team uses its vast knowledge and experience to allow us to facilitate sensible investments.

The steps in the investment process are:

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Sourcing of opportunity

Through our relationships with strong players in the Queensland and NSW real estate market, we regularly receive offers of acquisition properties, many of which are not yet available on the open market.
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Due Diligence (DD)

Once a property passes the initial hurdles and has been secured, a full DD is done. This includes technical, environmental, legal and economic/marketing DD.
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Investment Review Committee (IRC)

The outcome of the DD, together with investment proposal, is presented to the IRC, which makes a final decision whether to proceed and on which terms.

OzProp is not a volume-driven company. We do not make acquisitions lightly. We are driven by opportunities first and foremost, and we carefully select each and every property we invest in. They are also diligently managed with a view to achieving a strong return on equity, while risks are professionally managed.

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Our Investments Are Backed By Strong Relationships

We have developed strong bonds with local financial institutions and have managed to close numerous transactions even in difficult economic times. Our connections allow us to facilitate competitive financial arrangements when funding our properties.

We believe in being hands-on with our property asset management. We include multiple exit strategies and are not afraid to keep a focus on repositioning.

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