Why you should invest with OzProp?

li1 Research of the property markets

OzProp conducts careful and ongoing research of the Australian property market to seek opportunities within the company’s clearly defined criteria and located in strong population growth markets.

OzProp’s team is constantly searching for what they perceive as under-valued property assets and the company’s knowledge of the markets facilitates sensible investments.

li2 Careful investment selection and assessment of risk

OzProp is not volume driven and does not make acquisitions for the sake of building funds under management. The company is driven by opportunities and not by capital. Acquisitions are carefully selected and intensively managed with a view to achieving a strong performance on equity invested, while risk is professionally managed.

li3 Extensive contacts with the significant property players

Over the years OzProp has built strong relationships with the leading movers of real estate. These relationships see the company regularly being offered acquisition opportunities, many of which are off market.

li4 Strong finance connections

By closing transactions even in difficult economic times, OzProp has developed strong connections with a number of traditional funders of property. These contacts, together with OzProp’s track record, facilitate competitive finance arrangements when funding new property acquisitions.

li5 Hands on property management

With extensive experience in property asset management, OzProp maintains a hands-on approach to delivering investment objectives. Asset plans include multiple exit strategies and often include a focus on asset repositioning.