Investment process

OzProp, an active seeker of solid income and value-add commercial property opportunities in Australia, has a four stage investment process:

li1 Ongoing, in-depth market, trend and asset research:

 OzProp carefully researches the markets it operates in, seeking properties that meet their strict investment criteria and remain abreast of market and economic trends through regular visits to target markets and interviews with a broad cross-section of market participants. OzProp’s own findings are supplemented with research from highly regarded property and economic research agencies. The company targets properties between $5 million and $15 million in markets with strong fundamentals and upside potential. Acquisition at the right price has been fundamental to their success.

li2 When acquiring properties, OzProp’s criteria include the following:

When acquiring properties, OzProp’s criteria include the following:

li3 Active repositioning of assets for capital growth out performance:

OzProp invests in assets that offer early value-add potential and/or assets that provide steady growing cash flow. The company seeks to improve rental streams from existing tenants by employing a range of strategies.

li4 Intensive risk control of investments:

Before acquiring property, risks attached to the investment are analysed. Clearly defined exit strategies are an important component.

Returns comprise of good quarterly rental yield distributions, overlaid with high capital growth returns.